1. Serious schnoz #bignose #MrHandsome

  2. 😍 #georgeclooneyofdogs #silverfox

  3. Exploring BC in our FJ60

  4. Day 3 of my 7 day Juice Truck juice cleanse. If you’re in Vancouver check them out..they deliver it right to my door!

  5. thedogist:

    Gus, German Shorthaired Pointer, Vancouver, BC • A day with Gus, Travis, Stephanie & Josh from @ifitwags

  6. @digsapparel has started a movement called @amelonaday to generate awareness for Traumatic Brain Injuries by way of melons, people and art. He asked if we would like to get involved. I guess I should have done the photo shoot before his run! 

  7. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect camera bag. Found it! Meet The Brixton by Ona Bags. It is gorgeous.

  8. Brewery Dogs. The Pointer Brothers hanging at The Deep Cover Brewery. 

  9. Gus and Trav in their new collars from www.bronsyandco.com

  10. Snuggles