1. Brewery Dogs. The Pointer Brothers hanging at The Deep Cover Brewery. 

  2. Gus and Trav in their new collars from www.bronsyandco.com

  3. Snuggles

  4. #ifmydogwashuman #georgeclooneyofdogs

  5. #ifmydogwashuman #rafagus #nadalofdogs

  6. Having so much fun with my #ifmydogwashuman hashtag, if you haven’t already, join! #gussydepp #deppofdogs

  7. Will you be mine?

  8. We’re making Valentines today. It’s taking all of Trav’s will power not to sneak candies!

  9. We were on ‘The Rush’ today (a local talk show) #thepointerbrothers were so well behaved until a flock of seagulls decided to hang out outside the studio. Gus pointed at them until they left!

  10. Rainy Day Blues